Sometimes i dabble in bait finesse..

Just sometimes
I want to pull out that tiny Calcutta Conquest reel, a small, soft 5 feet rod and throw some beautiful small baits in some tiny creek.
Flip casting some small creek can be so rewarding.
Anglo & Company custom, handmade stream tune 5CDR
Anglo & Company Custom wood baits
Together with the world renowned bait builder Endoh Tatsumi San, Anglo & Company have created a small series of beautiful small wood baits.
Endoh Tatsumi San was originally a furniture worker that in 1985 started selling his lures.
He makes his lures from Paulownia and not Balsawood like most do.
The Red Gold Yamame verison on top
The Anglo Custom Stream Tune 5CDR
Is a lure specially developed for bait finesse fishing small streams.
Weights in on 3.8gr and 5.0cm lenght.
Top model is the Iwana version
Absolutely beautiful lures
That can be ordered from Anglo & Company Custom in Japan