So i got a parcel in the mail today..

With a Mankyu Keiryu Tamo handmade by the late Mr. Yoshimuras doughter.
She keeps this handycraft alive, following in her fathers footsteps.
Making absolutely beautiful landing nets.
The natural character of the wood is what appeals to me..
Those nets are incredibly lightweight, the drying process of the wood makes it light and strong..
Every net is as unique as the branch it is made of, craftmanship and nature as its best..
End part is made out of separate wood..
All in all the craftmanship is just beautiful, in the wood and in the binding of the net..
The laquerwork is just amazingly even and without a flaw..
So all in all
Its a beautiful work from a very skilled craftswoman.
But its a fishing tool, so this simple net is a really nice working tool that i think will bring me great joy when fishing.
Because in the end
Its originated from a need for a simple tool to secure your catch, and thats how a net should be used.
Tenkara USA have made a short tribute to the late Mr Yoshimura
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