Just fishing..

Tenkara to me is back to the roots.. Im half Japanese and some of my earliest memories takes me back to my grandfathers fishing together, maybe 40 years ago.
The commom language
One didnt speak Swedish and one didnt speak Japanese..
But they both loved fishing.
We fished small creeks in the north of Sweden around the arctic circle Crystal clear creeks with beautiful golden trout and grayling.
Both of them fishing just with a rod, line and a hook. One with a feathered hook, one with a hook and a worm.
I didnt know..
To me the tenkara concept was unknown, my grandfather used some yarn and feathers from a pillow and feathered a hook. A kebari was born, simplicity, neccesity, a feathered hook...
Its not the fly, its the man holding the rod.
Throw the line, watch it, catch fish, simply fishing..
Been there, done that..
Iv done probably around 30 years of western flyfishing, matching the hatch and owning rods from thick glassfiber to superlight carbon rods from the worlds luxury makers..
Buying the latest and greatest in my hunt for some kind of fishing satisfaction..
Older, not neccessarily wiser
But i know now, that the feeling those memories induce in me, cant be found in luxury fishing gear.
Because iv found it somewhere else, in the memory of the smiles and laughters of my grandfathers. Because when i pick up my little rod, line and small box of flies.. The same smile comes to my face today..
What was once labour
Simply tenkara, a rod, a line, a fly, simply the joy of fishing.