A short rod on its way..

From Japan
I have lately fished a small stream where the tree canopies linger real close to the water.
Lower part of a small Norweigan stream that holds a healty population of small browntrout
So the wish..
For a really short rod have come up, so i decided to get myself a Anglo & Company Kowasa rod.
The Kowasa 270cm, 15sec, 47g, Action 8:2, Folded 25cm
Anglo & Company
Is a small Japanese manufacturer in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
They handmake, one rod at the time, beautiful tenkara rods as well as some amazing bait finesse rods.
The pride they take in every rod they make is clearly visible in the bottom cap inscription
High quality cork is used for the short handle
Stamped as well as handwritten modelname
Topplug and bag
Pictures courtesy of Anglo & Company Custom Rods Japan