A box is a box is a box, or is it?

Of course its just a box..
Can a box be anything but a box? Well if your  looking for a feeling in a box, yeah it can :)
Handmade fly box from Mr. Kazuo Kurahashi Japan
Mr. Kazuo Kurahashi
Also known as Kura-san  is an expert tenkara fisherman who also do woodworking.
He believes that its "Tenkara" to bring value to simple handmade things, like a box.
118 mm (W) x 70 mm (D) x 22 mm (H) and weight is only 45 g
Is made from Japanese "Hinoki" Cypress, a very light, yet reasonably hard wood.
The spacers can be taken apart to create any combination of (or just a box) compartments
All in all
A beautiful box that can give your flies the home they deserve.