The conundrum of the one fly philosophy

Or is it?
A conundrum?
With a long background in western flyfishing (The odd 30 years), im seriously damaged when it comes to flies..
"Match the hatch" thats the way to go, exact lenght, exact color, right number of legs and overall shape of the wings.. Antennas, nymph gils and flat bodies..
I went over..
My old flyboxes the other day, i got 2 large C&F boxes and 4 medium ones and one small "Nymph" box.
Even the boxes are matched to the hatch..
I literally got hundreds and hundreds of flies and a huge amount of mayflies, stoneflies, caddises, nymphs in all colors and sizes..
Im not saying that match the hatch dont work, i have cought alot of fish during my days fishing it..
But is it REALLY needed?
I used to..
Change flies alot, ALOT! Because if i didnt catch anything, it had to be the flies, right?
Cant be my presentation.. Fish must be selective..
I did everything right, no drift, mending, dragfree dry fly presentation..
Got to be the fly.. Wrong color? Not floating correctly? Not the right amount of legs?
Fish is that picky, they can count, right? Gotta change fly, right?
Im convinced
They cant count, because i catch fish with those kebaris that dont look like anything. (Or everything?)
I on one occasion, fished the opposite bank of a guy doing western flyfishing.
Really skilled, i wish i could use a flyrod like him.
I watched him change flies alot, it was interesting, that used to be me..
I cought a few fishes during the time he passed me by on the other side..
Sitting on a rock and placing the kebari behind rocks and over holes.. Simplicity..
I still realize i got 8 compartments in the flybox i use today..
Not that many patterns anymore..
No specific stages of insect development.
But still 8 compartments..
8 compartment flybox, is that 7 to many?
Its so hard
For some reason to stop tying all those flypatterns..
I want to simplify, find the confidence in my technique to fish just one fly..
8 patterns is of course, so much better than the hundreds i got in my old boxes.
But still, i feel something is holding me back from just bringing one pattern with me out..
Wonder if i ever will get there.. Using just one fly, in different sizes..
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