There is no "I" in tenkara

Im half Japanese
Always being both, but never fully any of them.
Its sometimes been a struggle, because western and Japanese cultures are so different.
There are two things iv done my entire life, fishing and martial arts.
They both in their higher level share some common traits, like finding simplicity in complexity.
Unlearn everything you have learnt and just (Fish) (Fight)
When i first came into contact with tenkara, it wasnt tenkara, it was fishing.
Martial arts was pretty much the same "Lets play a game", it wasnt "martial arts"
Fishing is fishing, just fishing.. We dont have to do it to survive in the same extent anymore. A reason to get back to nature..
Back in the day..
When martial arts was pretty "new" in the west, those western guys came over to Japan, took some pictures with the masters, filmed some clips, stayed a week and trained.
Then all of a sudden they where head of some western branch, claiming to have "direct roots" to the Japanese masters, exploiting their brief visits to Japan.
Exploting the kindness of the Japanese masters for own prestige gain and money gain.
Its kind of disrespectful.
A Japanese person will hardly ever tell you this, because its kind of disrespectful to point out a persons shortcommings.
Ego, is not a very primary attribute in Japan...
In the end of this video
This young man, with obvious discomfort, express it very well.
He is so passionate, with alot of knowledge and understanding, still very humble.
I feel very humbled by the insight he got into Japanese culture and tenkara.
Tenkara is fishing, you do it because its fun, something you do to get closer to nature.
For your own development, in whatever direction you want to take yourself.
Your own fishing, your own personalized gear, for your personal fishing.
You fish, you enjoy the beauty of the fish, the soothing sound of the flowing water, you pick mushrooms, you make tempura of some sweet spring shots, sit around the fire with friends and enjoy life.
The religion of tenkara in the west
Is full of selfproclaimed prophets.
"I" introduced..
"I" designed..
"I" meet with..
"Im" the student of..
Give me money and i will share what iv learnt from the masters.
Its just fishing, it should be just simple and fun..
If someone asks, you share from the point of view, of your own experience, maybe your experience will help someone else improve their quality of life through fishing.
Sharing without a pricetag, its quality of life, why put a pricetag on it?
The urge to profit is inherent in man today i guess.
On one occasion, relatives showed old photos from the forties when the Japanese imigrants had a hard time living in the US.
They moved away from densly populated areas, and fished..
They giggle a bit and say, my grandfather "introduced tenkara to the US"
Its interesting to reflect over from the Japanese side of me.
At the same time, the western side of me got a blog... ;)
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